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This one-of-a-kind ultimate show that unites Rock Music Cirque acts, stunts, and lots of special effects.


Hard Rock Circus is the newest mind-blowing stage spectacle from Circus Viral entertainment brand and Francisco Santos, creator of the groundbreaking The Vampire circus hit “ and Cirque du Soleil Veteran. 


Hard Rock Circus daring aerialists, gravity defying balancers, powerful strongmen, extreme stunts and an array of edgy awe-inspiring acts are accompanied by a mind-blowing Rock band that will delight your ears and bring this show to an experience where you see, feel, sends and hear what is happening in front and above the audience.


Hard Rock Circus blends an international cast of astonishing performers who transform a carnival into a rock party that’s moving and catapults the artists into to perform impossible feats mayhem and uncontrollable show that never stops..

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